Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sculpting an Elephant

Elephants' bodies are truly complicated. Much more difficult to understand and recreate than cats, dogs, bears, turtles, etc. I have an "idea" of the elephant body, but once I began really LOOKING at elephant pictures, I noticed how wrong that idea was. The joints are quite different from dogs and other four legged animals we're familiar with. The front legs are much longer and the spine is lower in the back. Last night I recorded a PBS show on animal communication which included a segment on elephants so I could refer to them moving as often as I like. 

Because I am making the Elephant nearly 3 times the size of my usuals and because I'm so unfamiliar with this body, this sculpture is taking much longer than I thought!

It is a fun challenge, though!


  1. Can't wait to see your progress!

  2. Oh yes! Do we get to see "in progress" photos?

  3. Ok, I'll post some tomorrow! I've been thinking about that and just haven't gotten around to it.
    Thanks for asking!