Monday, February 21, 2011

Elephant Sculpture: "The Matriarch" is in the House!!!

Some 80 hours, 14 ounces of wool and many wrinkles  later, photos of the Elephant Matriarch follow:
(Ginny Weiler, Photographer)

She measures 8.5 inches tall x 13 inches long (trunk to tail). No armature was used. All wool!!

Imagine a 14 ounce pile of fluffy Suffolk down wool needled tightly into this shape.

The tusks were the hardest part of all!

I loved adding the wrinkles here, trunk, sides, back legs, flanks, ears, etc.

The Quarter is there just for scale.


  1. Wow, That is the most awesome piece of needle felting ever!.
    Such incredible talent.

  2. Holy pachyderms! That is astounding - great work!

  3. Stunning!!! You did a fabulous job :)

  4. I absolutely adore her! My favorite part is the wrinkles around her tushy!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!!

  5. wonderful! did you get wrinkles too?!! She is perfect. xxx

  6. love the tail. :)

  7. Those wrinkles were my favorite part as well! You should see them up close! (wink)

  8. Yes, I love the tushy wrinkles--great detail! (glad others "admitted" it too!) I know you had fun including that. Don't know if you expected them to get so much attention, but I'm always happy when people appreciate inclusion of special features like that!

  9. Thanks!!!
    I was hoping for that attention for the tush!