Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the Studio: Elephant

Houston, We have Ears!

Ears and gray really helps!

Don't know when I'll ever embark on such a large sculpture again!


  1. Thanks! I had no idea what I was getting mySelf into with the huge increase in scale. I'm enjoying it, even though it's taking a really long time.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

  3. I was wondering if he'd be African or Indian. How lovely he looks already in the top photo!

  4. No longer a "he"! She is the Matriarch of her herd! I was made aware of this today!

    Aside from the detailing of eyes, tail and wrinkles, shes' done!

  5. Come out to the Small Art/Big Heart Show/Sale reception tonight at Hampton House Gallery, 5:00-8:00 pm. A portion of the proceeds benefits local AIDS Care Services. This Elephant, The Matriarch, is in the show. There will be 45 artists participating. Should be fun!

  6. What a wonderful sculpture! She is stately and elegant. Well done! I don't think you should avoid larger sculptures, but perhaps start thinking about using a styrene foam core to build upon? The foam can be easily formed, and the foam pieces can be glued together solidly. The foam would be an armature for the larger sculpture without adding significant weight to the final piece. All the best!

  7. Hey KVM!
    Thanks for the compliments!
    One of the reasons I started working with wool is because of the abundance of it that gets thrown into ditches and landfills. I am a committed environmentalist and the thought of using styrene foam makes me cringe. Wool is renEWE-able and so easy to form with needle felting. Cutting down the time is the least of my worries. Just a challenge which is welcomed. Hopefully people will see the value and pay the price!
    Thanks again! Best to you!