Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eliza's Magic Dragon

Meet Eliza's Dragon.

Eilza has yet to determine whether it is male or female and if it has a name. I was commissioned by Eliza's mom to create a dragon for her because her sister has two and Eliza has none and they liked my work. I interviewed Eliza about the colors: "The back will be orange, the tummy is red, the scales on its back are pink, the head is yellow, the wings are purple and the tongue is red!" Very helpful. Realism is my thing, so making up this dragon was a real stretch!

The best part of the process was having Eliza and her mom stop by the farmers markets to see how the dragon was progressing and being attacked by an unattached tongue! She came by to get it last Friday and attacked me with a complete dragon! FUN!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Sophies (Last one, I promise!)

Sophie's owner, Jeff, sent me the following pictures of
Little Sophie's introduction to Sophie.

Looks like a little tete-a-tete to get things off to a smooth start.

"Ok, we can live together."
"Be sure to keep your eyes on the humans, though. They worry me sometimes."