Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, The Truffle Hunting Dog

 Friday lives on a truffle farm in King, NC. He has been trained to smell for truffles growing beneath the earth on the roots of inoculated trees. His human companions adore him. It was a pleasure to create this sculpture for Jane and Rick Morgan Smith.

I tried to capture this Border Collie's intensity, his beauty mark and the pink underskin of his nose.
I used Cotswold sheep wool to attain the length and flow of his coat. This was added on top of the all Suffolk wool sculpted frame of the body. I dyed the Cotswold black.
Looking out over his field of truffles or looking for his dog companion to chase.    

This is the real living Friday on watch.

This is the real Friday's sweet face.


  1. Gorgeous Laura! Wow!

  2. This dog is the most amazing creature! We love him so much and have so enjoyed having the sculpture you did for us. He looks at it sideways; can't quite figure it out.
    It is so lifelike, he wonders if it's him.

    Thanks so much Laura!

  3. Jane,
    You, Rick and Friday are so very welcome. My pleasure! I'd love to see Friday's face when he's looking at Little Friday!