Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Very Late New Comer!!

Welcome to Darla!

Darla, an Icelandic ewe lamb, was born here Monday afternoon as a result of a unscheduled breeding at Stony Meadows Farm in January/February. I bought her mom, Candice, (pictured with her) uncertain of whether she was pregnant as a yearling.

As you can tell, Darla is teeny tiny! She was most probably born prematurely. Since her mom's milk had not come in, she needed some colostrum. I fed her frozen colostrum from my neighbor's dairy goats for two days. Her mom didn't understand about nursing her lamb, so we had to be a bit forceful with Candice once her milk did come in. Then Candice became a nursing mom.

Now Darla thinks it's time to eat some hay... and she's only 3 days old!!!

Icelandic Sheep have many, many different colors and color patterns. To me it looks like Darla is Mouflon and white spotted. But I haven't learned enough to say for sure. I'll leave it to the experts to determine! One thing's for sure: this breed is born with lots of long curls of fleece!!!
Candice's long fleece has grown since April 8th!

Here are more pictures of total cuteness!!


  1. Yes!!! Thanks for your concern! She's the cutest little girl with horns too!