Monday, May 9, 2011

Sitting Kitty: Cat Sculpture

This kitty was commissioned for Mother's Day by a daughter. The kitty's name is Bonkers and she had a habit of sitting in a most "unladylike" position. 

Buddha-esque or Yoda, maybe?
Here's Ms. Bonkers herself. A big girl with beautiful gold/green eyes.

Getting those full jowls and the double chin were essential to capturing her character.


  1. aww wow she turned out so life like!

  2. another miracle of art, illustrating a miracle of life!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments! You keep me going!

  4. you should totally start adding real cat whiskers to their faces! i have plenty from my cats!

  5. I was thinking of our chat about felting cats... Who said she is not familiar with cats? ;)
    I think this is just perfect! :)
    I still think this is lovely little cat. And not to mention, the position is difficult to make. I never could succeed in this!

  6. Kirsi, For this cat I consulted drawings of cat skeletons and muscles so that I had a better understanding of what is under all that fur. It really helped!


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  8. Thanks, "potty breaks". I checked out your pet sitting services for North Dallas. Sounds wonderful!