Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Contact

I must hand out 50 or so cards every week at the Farmers Markets. That's putting out money rather than bringing it in, but it's also making contacts and connections. Yes, I do sell some needle felting wool and yarn every now and again and I do get commissions for all kinds of critters, but slowly. I just hope that everyone who took a card to get back to me on a commission doesn't show up 3 weeks before X-mas!!!

I love sitting at my booth, needle felting away and having folks of all types come up to see what I am doing. Some think my work is way over-priced and hurry their children away. Others really get all the work that goes into each animal: feeding the sheep, shearing them, getting the wool washed and carded, dyeing the wool, not to mention the actual sculpting process. Those in the latter category tend to think I'm not charging enough. Interesting!

I'm just grateful that I can make money doing something that combines my love for animals and my ability to sculpt!!!


  1. I love your needle felted dog, what a great job.I also do needle felted animals and I agree that some people just dont understand the amount of time and work there is in making a dog or other animal so to say they are overpriced are words spoken by a non crafter.

  2. Pricing the work is difficult. It's just the way you told, some think they are expensive some think they are not ;). I'm newbie in this, but I really must say that most of people don't understand how many hours you spend doing that little piece of art. I think you must ask what yourself think your art is worth of. If they are not ready to spend that money, that's their own loss, not yours :)