Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sheepish Times

This is a very sheepish time of the year. I'm showing my jacob sheep at the county fairs and my son is showing Suffolk/Hampshire market lambs at the county fairs. I'm also needle felting little sheepies as quickly as my fingers can go -- or until I get distracted.

Worrying about whether or not my yearling ewe is pregnant out of season and likely to deliver by end of Oct. Previous owner had her and her 1/2 sister together with a ram after they delivered their respective lambs this spring. My ram, Jericho, will be terribly disappointed if he has to wait until next year to breed her... so will his paddock companion Georgie (he's tired of being bum-rushed). I need to sell or trade a 2009 ewe because I can't breed her to her father which is the only ram I have. Could breed her to someone else's ram, but would rather have an unrelated ewe to replace her.

Getting needle felted items ready to be entered in the Dixie Classic Fair. The prize money is pretty darned good in both the professional fine arts and professional crafts divisions. Some more than I would ask for the pieces to sell.

Very rainy. Wet and heavy sheep in the pasture and some wrung out ones in their pen. We coulda used this rain earlier in the summer. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers!

Have some great ideas for needle felted pieces. Need to make the ideas real!

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